Mental and Emotional Health – Healthy Mind, Body, Soul

Many people think that health concerns our physical bodies only…

That is incorrect. In order to have an all rounded and all star health, a holistic approach to our mental and physical health should be adopted. Thus, we will be focusing on how to nurture our minds for a better overall health.

Dive in to find out how!


Mind Diet Plan

Mind is King
Chess Piece

Our minds are constantly working and running, even while we sleep. There’s a reason why our brains are the organs that require the most amount of energy.

Just as we ought to pay attention to what we put into our bodies, what we put into our minds is equally important. It is said that our mind is like a fertile garden and our thoughts are its seeds. Extrapolating on this, this means whatever we plant in this sacred garden will grow. Be it good or evil – thoughts expand rapidly and can end up either spurring our growth, or limiting us by holding us back. Ask yourselves, what seeds are you planting in your mind garden daily?

The space within your mind is sacred so treat it with utmost respect. Guard the doors to it carefully and watch over the thoughts you are feeding into. I would like to share a quote/ little story with you guys:


Yin Yang
Yin Yang


” There is a battle of two wolves inside us all.

One is evil.

The other is good.

Which one wins?

The one you feed.”

Thoughts Manifest

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting that you can never have negative or foul thoughts. They key is, to acknowledge but not interact with them. This is not ignorance. However, look at this as you allotting your focus and energy to a different direction away from thoughts that drain your energy and put you in a negative state. This shifts your mind to a more resourceful state which is then better able to channel its energy into possible solutions for whatever problem you face.

Be an optimist and look at life with a clear and open mind. Don’t get weighed down by your thoughts and let them set you free. You will find doors that you didn’t notice before slowly start to open and your body fill up with more energy. Your eyes will be more vibrant and so will your smile. This will start to show on your face.

Just like a skill, this can be trained and cultivated into a habit. +1 to your lists of good habits!

Ever notice how some people look older than their age because they are constantly disgruntled or grumpy? Take for example, this old lady here:

Grumpy Old Lady
Grumpy Lady


Now compare it to this one:


Cheerful Lady
Cheerful Lady


Notice that the grumpy lady has more wrinkles on her face and gives off a very shut-off and closed vibe. As a result, she comes off as really old and cold. Contrast this to the image of the lady smiling. She gives off a very warm and open vibe, thus appearing as someone younger and happier.

Sometimes, how old we look is in the way we carry ourselves. There’s a saying that wrinkles are the map of one’s soul; just like footprints leaving a trail, they show themselves on our faces. On top of that, notice how her eyes smile too. This is coupled with the crow’s-feet she has developed over the years. This tells us she is usually a cheerful and jovial person. Seems like she is aging well!

Our faces tell a story before we even get to speak. The thoughts we have daily lead us to actions and emotions that can speed up how we age. Thus, we should properly learn how to nurture our minds and its constant chatter. Learn how to focus on positive and uplifting thoughts that build character and self-esteem instead. Notice how good it feels to shower yourself in good thoughts instead. This is the key in helping the seeds in your mind garden grow into beautiful plants.


Positive Self Concept Activities

Mirror Reflection
Reflective Self View

When you look into the mirror, what do you see? Yes, an image of you.

But, what attributes do you assign to yourself? Is it ugly, short, fat, unattractive?

You see – most of the times we don’t consciously recognize this. Thus, it is always wise to pay closer attention to our thoughts and see what they are saying. Are we subconsciously acknowledging and identifying with them? Or are we actively trying to observe them for what they are? Just thoughts, not reality.

The number 1 exercise for developing a healthy self concept is none other than…



Yes, you heard me right. Meditation has been scientifically proven to have numerous benefits such as

  • reducing stress levels
  • improving concentration
  • clearing the mind
  • slowing the aging process
  • improved cardiovascular and immune health
  • improving self image
  • increasing self awareness
  • helping one sleep better

As you can see, meditation is a really beneficial practice. However, how many of us actually take the time out to practice this? Research shows that only 8-12% of people have tried meditating before. This isn’t even on a consistent basis! Too many of us are too often caught up with the hustle and bustle of work and trying to juggle two things at once. As a result our minds are constantly all over the place and unable to focus.

Meditation allows the mind to be quiet and allows your thoughts to just drift past. It gives you an increased sense of self awareness that your thoughts are just mindless chatter and that they don’t have to be real. Once you realize this, you are able to separate yourself from negative thoughts as part of your identity. Then, you can fill it with positive and reaffirming thoughts instead. I assure you, it will put you in a more rational and calming headspace. Your self-image will improve and so will your confidence to tackle the problems life throws at you.


What can we learn

Our minds are like a sacred garden. What we plant in it as seed will grow and have its effect.

Our thoughts control our daily lives more than we know it. However, meditation allows us to have an increased sense of self awareness to better catch out negative thoughts. This allows us to act in a more logical and healthy way.

Implement meditation into your daily lives. It takes no more than 10-15 minutes and provided numerous psychological and physical health benefits.

As always, I hope you enjoyed these pointers and can start implementing them to your day to day lives. At the very least, I hope you guys take away some value from this. If you guys have anything to add or would like to hear me talk about something else in the future, do no hesitate to let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comment box below. Talk to you guys again soon!


To your health and youthful skin,

Ronald Kong

Founder of Top Anti Aging Diet






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  1. Wow, this is an interesting post! I liked reading about how positive thinking affects even your physical appearance. I agree how meditation is a great tool to help with stress levels and your inner thoughts. Great content.

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